Sutton Coldfied CA (22.02.14) Malcom Smith

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp) JW. Bitch, 21 months, well proportioned throughout, elegant head, clean neck and wither, into strong sloping topline, good spring of rib and nice tuck up, moved round soundly with drive.
BOB & Group 3

Manchester Championship Show (17.01.14) Tracey Feeney

Griffiths’ McKennah Belicia at Amious (IMP) black and rust, lovely outline, maturing nicely another for the future, lovely head and expression, strong short back, well filled croup, excellent round bone, forechest well developed for age, good spring and depth of rib, correct underline, strong rear with well bent stifle and strong hocks, moved a little close behind but had excellent reach in front, confidently handled to get the very best from her.

Earlstown & Newton-Le-Willows (12.01.14) Terry Colwell

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp) JW.  A very nice 19 month old B&T bitch in lovely condition, moved with drive and reach, balanced front & rear.  BOB

Scottish Dobermann Club (03.11.13) Alison Swain

Griffiths’ McKennah Belicia at Amious, b/t 16 months, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, good angulation front & rear. Balanced head with length & depth of muzzle, dark almond eye. Moved well. Just spoilt today by her underline as she appeared to be having a phantom.

South Wales Kennel Assoc (12.10.13) Bob Gregory

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp) JW. An elegant bitch with very feminine head and ey to sould well set neck, well put together in body, a true and easy action and not overdone.

Kington Horse & Agricultural Society (14.09.13) Ian Crowther

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp) JW. Pleasing head shape with strong jaw & neckline blending into well laid shoulders.  Strong limbs of good clean bone.  Body of good depth & substance.  Examplary show condition.  Easy action on the move.  Best AVNSC, Group 1 & Reserve Best In Show

City Of Birmingham Championship Show (31/08/13) Nigel T Morgan

McKennah Belicia At Aamious, 15 months stood out in this class. Very elegant bitch with a quality wedge shaped head, level head planes and good depth of muzzle. Very neat ear set, dark eyes and full of expression. Fairly lean toned neck carried upright and proud. Firm back with a strong flowing straight topline set at a perfect angle. Correct angulation in the fore and hindquarters, with tight elbows, slightly longer to the loin and well developed. Plenty of forechest, deep well sprung ribs with a well defined underline. Coat presented in excellent condition. Movement balanced and free with plenty of drive and shown to perfection.
No hesitation in awarding her RCC.

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show (17/08/13) Albert Wight

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp), this lovely bitch really can motor on the move. Circled the ring so positively with a strong step, keeping her shape and using her hocks so well. Tall, lovely neckline, good withers, chest deep enough, strong in loin and a really good bend in stifle to firm hocks. Splendid coat condition and well handled.

Bournemouth Championship Show (10/08/13)  Jane Brock

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp).  Elegant bitch, lovely dark eye with expression, good reach of neck and shoulder placement, straight topline, good turn of stifle, moved well.

North Eastern Counties Dobermann Club Championship Show (27/07/13) Lita Lainchbury

McKennah Belicia at Amious, super head with good length and dark almond shaped eye. Long clean neck , well developed forechest , firm slightly sloping topline. Sound powerful mover with good reach and drive. Rich rust markings.

Oswestry & District Kennel Association (21/07/13) Tim Lainchbury

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp). 14 month old black and rust bitch, super head and dark eye, arched neck leaking to super front angulations, straight legs tight feet, strong topline kept well on the move, well filled out croup excellent rear angulation, lovely mover shown very well.

Newport & District Agricultural Society (Group Judge) (13/07/13) Bill Browne-Cole

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp).  Upstanding Dobermann bitch, pleasing head and eye, good lay of shoulder, correct depth, moved out well.  Group 1.

Coventry & DKA (19/05/13) Del Richards

Mckennah Belicia at Amious, 11 months bitch with good balance, impressive depth of chest, excellent feet, moved in ultra sound fashion, head of good shape & corresponding depth. Still at the age where forechest has more developing to do, but just right for 11 months. Best Puppy In Breed & Working Puppy Group 2

Aberystwyth & DCS (06/05/13) Anne Phillips

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp Pol) 11 and a half months black & tan in lovely condition. Feminine head with excellent expression, black nose, small neat ears set high on head.  Good month with correct bite. Very well developed chest. Slightly sloping topline, smooth short close lying coat, strong straight front and well muscled hind quarters enabling free powerful movement. Reserve Best Puppy In Show

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp Pol), 11 and a half months black & tan, she was very well made and sound for one so young.
Best AVNSC Puppy & Working Puppy Group 1

Leominster Canine Society (21/04/13) Lynne Scott

McKennah Belicia at Amious, 11 month old black and rust bitch, very good topline and angles, good straight front, pleasing head with darkest of eyes, scissor bite, correctly placed ears, lovely intelligent expression, well handled.
Best Puppy In Breed & Puppy Working Group 1

Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Show (20/04/13) Kevin Young

McKennah Belicia At Amious, feminine youngster in lovely condition, sweet head and expression, lovely reach of  neck, liked her length of body giving nice outline, well balance and moved well.

Bebington Canine Society (14/04/13) Sheila Ritchens

McKennah Belicia At Amious (Imp Pol), 10 month old black and tan bitch, well balanced, feminine head with level planes and dark almond shaped eyes, good shoulder placement, well muscled front with straight legs, ample depth of chest with muscle tone, good angulation, moved well.
Best AVNSC Puppy & Working Puppy Group 4

North of England Dobermann Club (07/04/13) Mark Shipley

McKennah Belicia at Amious (Imp), very smart 10½ months b/t puppy, clean outline, good head & expression, well arched neck, well placed shoulders, cobby with nice depth & spring of rib, good topline & tailset, sound rear angulation allowing her to move well.

Birmingham Dobermann Club (01/04/13) Peter Bailey

McKennah Belicia at Amious, I note a Polish import & a very pleasing puppy with a lot to admire. Her head is lovely, nice almond eyes, good well set small ears combing to give a true breed expression, her temperament was correct, movement very sound, coat & condition excelled, a nice bitch throughout.

Bootle, Crosby & Liverpool Canine Society (24/03/13) Angie Allan

McKenna Belicia at Amious, feminine bitch, good head proportions, good length to neck, well angulated forequarters, strong topline for age, moved steadily.
Best Puppy In Breed & Puppy Group 2

Llandudno Canine Society (23/03/13) Mrs Carol A Coode

Best Puppy In Show went to Griffiths' 10 month old Dobermann Bitch Mckennah Belicia At Amious (Imp Pol), elegant outline, well made through body, good stifle and low hocks, elegant legs and feet, moving superbly.

Oswestry & District KA (17/03/13) James Wetherall

McKennah Belicia At Amious, super 9 month old b/rust puppy, feminine head of good length with well defined markings, good feet and moved with drive around the ring keeping her topline.
Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Best of Breed and enjoyed watching her get Reserve Best Puppy In show.

Hinkley & District Canine Society (24/02/13) Robert Taylor

McKennah Belica at Amicus, 9 months medium size, well set ears, clean shoulders, held topline whilst on the move. Best Puppy In Breed & Reserve Best Of Breed.

Rugby & District Canine Society (02/02/13) Martin Horgan

McKennah Belicia at Amious, 8 months black bitch, very promising youngster, good angulation front & back. Would prefer better return of upper arm. Moves with balanced action & held her shape at all times. Very good head with parallel planes, good length & correct shape from both side & top. Correct almond shaped eyes of good dark colour, excellent catlike feet, correct dark markings although could be better defined on chest.
Best Puppy In Breed & Puppy Group 2

Coalville & District Canine Society (27/01/13) Leigh Emerson

McKennah Belicia at Amious, great neck, good angulation, correct head & mouth, correct topline.
Best Puppy In Breed.

Nunneaton & District Canine Society (13/01/13) Margaret Young

McKennah Belicia at Amious, b/t bitch, 7½ months, elegant bitch with lovely expression, correct head planes, good dark eye, strong muzzle, lovely topline held on the move, front assembly well put together, correct second thigh, moved with ease & confidence.

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society (05/01/13) Rebecca Barber

McKennah Belicia at Amious, 7 months b/t bitch, well balanced, lovely in outline, good shoulders, straight strong front legs, enough bone, catlike feet, neat head with tight lips & dark eye, enough forechest, not overdone, good spring of rib, level topline, correct tailset, good rear angulation, moved out well for a puppy.
Best Puppy In Breed.

Oakengates & District Canine Society (09/12/12) Marina Scott

McKennah Belicia at Amious, well put together baby, gorgeous type, best of feet & shape, excellent forechest, lovely outline even at this stage, well schooled, powered round the ring.
Best Puppy In Breed & Puppy Group 1

Wirral Kennel Association (08/12/12) Miss Susan Wardle

Mckennah Belicia at Amious, quality bitch puppy who really caught my eye, elegant sleek lines & so well balanced, loved her proud carriage, really well marked & in immaculate condition. A credit to her handler. Lovely head & expression, really nice dark eyes, super dentition, long lean neckline, well muscled, good shoulder placement, nice firm backline leading to well muscled hindquarters, well up on her toes with the tightest of feet, really good mover free & easy.
Best Puppy In Breed.



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